The Eagle UAS revolutionizes wildlife monitoring with its exceptional capabilities. With the ability to efficiently surveil large areas, gather GPS location information, and collect valuable data, it empowers conservation efforts like never before. The EAGLE-1’s low noise level ensures minimal disturbance to wildlife, allowing for natural behavior observation.

Combatting the rise in poaching activities is a critical mission. Equipped with advanced features such as object tracking and video stabilization, the EAGLE-1 UAS is highly effective in identifying poachers and tracking animal movements. Powered by the Gimbal EYE EO/IR camera system and SkyEagle software, it enables 24/7 wildlife monitoring, even in low-light conditions.

Compared to manned aerial vehicles, the Eagle-1 UAS offers a safer and more versatile solution for wildlife monitoring. It can access remote and inaccessible areas, providing valuable insights into habitat conditions and aiding in the fight against deforestation and illegal activities.

Join us in leveraging the power of the Eagle-1 UAS for efficient and impactful wildlife monitoring. Together, we can safeguard our precious ecosystems and protect endangered species.