Introducing the Eagle-1

Introducing the Eagle-1: our flagship hybrid and modular UAV, setting a benchmark in drone technology. With unparalleled versatility, the Eagle-1 leads the pack as the most sizable portable drone available today. Flexibility is at the core of its design, offering both Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) and traditional runway flight capabilities when fitted with wheel gear.

Equipped with the option of battery or gasoline power, the Eagle-1 offers unmatched endurance. With battery power, enjoy flight times up to 3 hours, while choosing gasoline extends your flight duration up to a staggering 10 hours. This longevity is matched by its ability to perform admirably in the most challenging conditions, marking it as a UAS solution of choice.

Featuring the most extensive practical payload compartment in the sector, the Eagle-1 can accommodate an array of payloads and sensors, including Search & Rescue Gimbals, Lidar Scan, and 3D Oblique Cameras for mapping. This substantial cargo space is ideal for deliveries in severe environments or crucial missions, capable of carrying an additional payload of up to 10kgs/20lbs in the harshest scenarios.

With state-of-the-art flight controllers and communication systems integrated into its design, you are assured of a cutting-edge operation. Moreover, all onboard communication and navigation equipment are encrypted, fortified, and prepared to counter electronic warfare measures.  Eagle-1 is your indispensable companion for a wide array of missions,  and it is well-suited for military use, border control, surveillance, power line inspections, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue, and public safety applications.

Trust in the Eagle-1 for unparalleled reliability, versatility, and performance in all your aerial missions. Unleash the power of the skies with Eagle-1.

Eagle -1 VTOL Fixed-Wing UAS Main Features

Eagle-1 represents a comprehensive UAS solution suitable for both civilian and military applications. The performance metrics provided below account for a fully loaded UAV, inclusive of payload and fuel.

Flight Duration:
Electric up to 3 hours
Gasoline up to 10 hours

Service Ceiling:
3000m / 6000m
10,000 ft / 20,000 ft

Cruise Speed:
22-24 m/s
75-100 km/h
46 – 62 mph

Extra Payload:

BVLOS Data Communications:
200+ km
Virtually unlimited with repeaters, Satellite and 4/5G
Mesh Solutions

Maximum Speed:
150 km/h
100 mph

The Eagle-1 UAV configurations

One platform, multiple configurations. Simply choose the configuration that best suits your current mission.
Electric or Gasoline.
Convert from fixed-wing to VTOL in minutes. No need to purchase additional airframes.


Electric Powered

Gasoline Powered

VTOL Fixed Wings

Runway Version

VTOL Fixed Wings

Runway Version




Batteries for VTOL
Gasoline for Cruise


Flight Endurance

Up to 3 hours

Up to 4 hours

Up to 8 hours

Up to 10 hours


3000 m / 6000m

10,000 ft / 20,000 ft

3000 m / 6000m

10,000 ft / 20,000 ft

3000 m / 6000m

10,000 ft / 20,000 ft

3000 m / 6000m

10,000 ft / 20,000 ft



110 lbs


110 lbs


110 lbs


110 lbs

Maximum Extra Payload

Up to 10kg
Up to 22 lbs

Up to 12kg
Up to 26lbs

Up to 10kg
Up to 22 lbs

Up to 12kg
Up to 26 lbs

VTOL module features

Charge batteries during the flight

VTOL batteries are automatically recharged by a 1500 W onboard generator.

Easy-to-use solution

No tools are required to change the configuration of the Eagle UAV.

Automatic battery heating

VTOL accumulators are automatically heated, ensuring optimal performance under low temperatures.

Fast Configuration Swap

Rapidly changes an airframe configuration on the go within 5 min.

Quick Set-up

Quick-connect assembling and ready to fly in 5 minutes.

Battery and Payload Swappable:

Modular design in Mind for easy and quick Battery and Payload Swappable.

Eagle-1 VTOL fixed-wing UAV features

Navigation Lights

Used to prevent collisions at night or in times of reduced visibility and are an essential tool in keeping people and UAVs safe.

Landing Gear for runway application

Land on the runway when needed or vertical landing when required.

Automatic Takeoff And Landing

Fully automatical remote take-off and landing without human intervention.

Automatic Flight Along The Route

Plan the mission and execute it flawlessly.

ADS-B Transponder

Lets the UAV determine its position and periodically broadcast it, enabling it to be tracked.


A secure encrypted connection and the multiple-datalink system ensure that UAV will be tough to jam.

Eagle-1 engine module

130 Cc Powerhouse

Fuel your missions with our 4-stroke gas engine that operates on standard A95 fuel. With consumables available globally, there’s no need for special fuel.

Onboard Electric Generator

Our 300W electric generator keeps all onboard equipment powered and charges batteries during flight, ensuring seamless operations.

Remote Ignition

Fire up the engine remotely at the touch of a button. Even in-flight engine restarts can be automated by the flight controller.

Comprehensive Sensor Suite

Stay informed on the engine’s status throughout your flight with RPM, temperature, air temperature, fuel level, and additional sensors.

Integrated Fuel Tank

Our 14-liter carbon fiber fuel tank is built to support long-endurance missions. Features a military-grade fuel valve for rapid refuelling.

Eagle -1 VTOL UAV technical details

Flight Modes And Communications

Flight Capabilities

Measurements And Weight

Weather Conditions

Flight route.


Flight time (with full payload)

3+ hours electric

8+ hours gasoline

Full length.

2.65 m

Operation temperature

-40/+55 °C

Takeoff and landing.


Service ceiling

3000 m /6000 m


1.05 m




In case of GNSS or control signals loss

Max. climb rate

3 m/s


4.7 m


3 mm/h

Encrypted real-time Full HD video & telemetry

200+ km

Max. flight speed

150+ km

Payload capacity

10 kg max


Up to 15 m/s

Encrypted backup datalink

150+ km

Cruising speed

75-100 km/h

Fuel tank

14 L

Gust Wind

Up to 20m/s


GPS and multiple other modes

Stall speed

60 km/h


50 kg

Landing capabilities
Beacon & Radar

Advanced EO/IR/LRF ISR Gimbals

The Eagle-1 UAV is versatile in payload capabilities, accommodating a broad spectrum of different 2 & 3 axis Gimbals types equipped with 30x/36x optical and thermal cameras and laser range finder. We have already successfully incorporated a multitude of EO/IR payloads, including those developed in-house and by third-party manufacturers.

EagleEye Software: Unlocking Enhanced Capabilities

EagleEye Software is a sophisticated graphical program meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrates with Skypro ‘s cutting-edge gimbals, offering precise control and seamless video streaming. Developed in-house, it is purpose-built to cater to the demanding requirements of search and rescue, surveillance, and security applications.

EagleEye Software presents a user-friendly interface encompassing essential features. From the connection setup window to the video stream display and gimbal control toolbar, it provides a comprehensive toolkit for optimal performance.

With our commitment to providing custom solutions, the software is upgradeable to cater to specific needs. Benefit from online upgrades and software maintenance, ensuring your system remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently meeting your evolving requirements.

Experience the power of EagleEye Software, empowering you with enhanced control, seamless video streaming, and the flexibility to adapt to your unique operational needs.


Ground control station

The Ground Control Station is crafted with portability and durability in mind. It’s not only effortless to transport as a standalone unit, but also convenient to integrate into a vehicle or headquarters setup.

What’s included:

  1. Central networking module accompanied by a reserve battery;
  2. Remote controller for operator commands;
  3. Mobile control station for payload operations;
  4. Antenna unit with tracking capabilities;
  5. Self-erecting mast;
  6. Electric power generator


Our ground control station harnesses an innovative software solution to provide features such as:

Interchangeable UAV Control Across Multiple GCSs

Enhance mission range by seamlessly transferring control between different ground control stations during flight.

UAV-to-UAV Signal Relay

Efficiently operate multiple UAVs via a single ground control station.

Simultaneous Control of Multiple UAVs from a Single GCS

A single ground control station can conveniently operate several UAVs within range, providing comprehensive area coverage when precise data gathering is required.

Real-Time Streaming to Multiple GCS and RVT Locations

Critical information is simultaneously available to operators, command centers, and field units, ensuring coordinated operations.

Evaluated without compromise

Exhaustively evaluated with unwavering determination, the Eagle-1 UAS has undergone stringent tests for robustness, vibration resilience, impact resistance, temperature tolerance, and various weather conditions effects.

Our team firmly believes that the product’s triumph is only achievable through accurate and appropriate data relevant to the unmanned aerial system. To maintain confidence in our technical specifications, we’ve executed a series of rigorous assessments on the Eagle-1 UAS.