Advanced EO/IR/LRF ISR Gimbals

The Eagle-1 UAV is versatile in payload capabilities, accommodating a broad spectrum of different 2 & 3 axis Gimbals types equipped with 30x/36x optical and thermal cameras and laser range finder. We have already successfully incorporated a multitude of EO/IR payloads, including those developed in-house and by third-party manufacturers.

Advanced Mapping Cameras

The Eagle-1 UAV exhibits impressive versatility, expertly integrating mapping cameras. These cameras are a crucial asset for a wide spectrum of users, spanning defense agencies, humanitarian organizations, and commercial businesses, offering extensive, multi-directional views crucial for improved situational understanding across a multitude of operational scenarios.


The Eagle-1 UAV demonstrates exceptional adaptability, efficiently incorporating Lidar Laser Scanners. These critical sensors are specifically tailored for high-density point corridor mapping operations, making them ideal for the inspection of power lines, railway tracks, and pipelines.

Cargo Delivery

With its superior carrying capacity, the Eagle-1 UAV is proficient in delivering a wide array of packages. It’s equally competent in transporting goods, supplying essentials, or performing crucial emergency package drops. This UAV is designed to manage payloads weighing up to 10kg effortlessly.

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