Eye-3X is a multi-sensor 3-axis mechanical stabilized optical system designed for moving platforms exposed to unwanted vibrations. Composed of a high zoom day/low light FULL HD EO camera, a high-resolution thermal camera and a precise laser rangefinder, equipped with the fastest and most power-efficient embedded AI computer on the market.

The gimbal can provide perfect aerial and ground vehicle optical stabilized image results. Eye-3X is a unique multi-axis stabilized system, designed for top performance in all sensor positions and platform angles.


  • FULL HD EO sensor with 30X Optical Zoom – day camera (Optional 36X Optical Zoom)
  • IR Camera sensor – night, thermal camera
  • Laser range finder – enables accurate distance measurement for precise target acquisition.


  • 3-axis gimbal enables top performance in all sensor positions and platform angles
  • Modular, Compact and Lightweight
  • Multi-phase stabilization: 3-axis mechanical + 2-axis electronical + software stabilization
  • Ability to withstand forces up to 15G in all directions
  • Ability to enable high-speed flying above 160 km/h
  • Operational Condition Limitations:  Standard version (from -10 ˚ C  to +40 ˚ C), Extended version (from -40 ˚ C  to +50 ˚ C).
  • MIL-STD 810G Rainproof
  • EMC certified based on EU and South Korean standards


  • Software EagleEye enables REALTIME:
    • Steering of the gimbal sensors
    • Recording videos and pictures
    • Tracking of still or moving objects – click & track
    • Geolock
    • Measure TGT (target acquisition)
    • Picture in Picture
    • Nose follow
    • Defog
    • Onboard Video storing
    • Upgradable for special needs


Dimensions Height: 231.8 mm, Dome width: 147 mm, Dome length: 203.8 mm
Weight 2860 g
Stabilization 3 axis mechanical + 2 axis electronical + software stabilization
Rotation limits PAN: 360˚ continuous

TILT: +65° / -135° (Hardware) – Software limited to +55° / -120° ROLL: ± 80˚ (Hardware) – Software limited to ±70°

Voltage input 15-26 (OPTIMAL 24 V)
Power consumption ~25 W
Slew rate 180 ˚/s
IP protection IP 66
Type 1/1.8“–CMOS type
FOV 1080p: 55° (wide end) to 2.0° (tele end)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel–up to 60 fps
Zoom Zoom on FULL HD = Optical 30x + Digital 16x = Total 480x zoom
IR (low light operation) Yes
Defog option Yes
IR CAMERA Radiometric
Pixel pitch 17 µm
Spectral range Longwave infrared; 7.5 µm–14 µm
Thermal Sensitivity <50 mK
Resolution 640 x 480 px
Zoom 4x digital
Frame rate 30 fps
Lense 35 mm, 17.6° x 13.2°
Video stabilization Yes
Object tracking Yes
Video enhancement Yes
H.264 Video codecs Yes
H.265 Video codecs Yes
Artificial intelligence Yes – onboard computer for custom algorithms integration on request
Range Up to 4.5 km
Measure rate 1–200 Hz
Precision < 1m
Eye safe Laser Class 1 (EN 60825-1:2007) (IEC 60825-1:2007)

EagleEye Software: Unlocking Enhanced Capabilities

EagleEye Software is a sophisticated graphical program meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrates with Skypro ‘s cutting-edge gimbals, offering precise control and seamless video streaming. Developed in-house, it is purpose-built to cater to the demanding requirements of search and rescue, surveillance, and security applications.

EagleEye Software presents a user-friendly interface encompassing essential features. From the connection setup window to the video stream display and gimbal control toolbar, it provides a comprehensive toolkit for optimal performance.

With our commitment to providing custom solutions, the software is upgradeable to cater to specific needs. Benefit from online upgrades and software maintenance, ensuring your system remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently meeting your evolving requirements.

Experience the power of EagleEye Software, empowering you with enhanced control, seamless video streaming, and the flexibility to adapt to your unique operational needs.


  • User friendly, high accuracy easy click and point control
  • Autonomous target tracking feature
  • 2–phase software image stabilization
  • Roll compensation
  • Image enhancement
  • Defog
  • Picture in picture
  • Scene tracking
  • Geolock and target location
  • Map with aircraft and sensor target location display
  • Map with DEM data
  • KLV
  • H.264 and H.265 video codecs
  • NATO equipment interoperability
  • Compatibility with Linux and Windows 7 or later
  • Slaving options for various types of devices or platforms
  • Ability to examine and integrate algorithms for detecting moving objects
  • Connectivity of devices to Ethernet WAN / LAN networks with standard IP protocols


Optimizing Image Quality with Vibration Dampening

When operating a carrying UAV platform, it’s essential to address the high-vibration environment that can impact the sensors of the gimbal camera system, ultimately affecting image quality. To achieve the best possible image results, particularly at high zoom values, it is highly recommended to mitigate the vibrations generated by the platform.

In such instances, a vibration-dampening system becomes an indispensable solution. By implementing a specialized dampening system, you can effectively minimize vibrations, ensuring stable and precise image capture. This proactive approach guarantees superior image quality and maximizes the performance of your gimbal camera system, even in demanding operational scenarios.