Military Application


Our advanced UAV solution offers an optimal choice for scenarios where manned flight presents excessive risks. This includes applications such as surveillance, reconnaissance, tracking targets, monitoring base perimeters, and ensuring medication delivery to otherwise inaccessible regions. With our drones, you can confidently navigate complex environments while maintaining utmost safety.

Border & Coastal Monitoring

Our superior UAV solutions are equally adept at maritime surveillance, facilitating effective control over coastal territories, and assisting in the prevention of illegal maritime activities. Whether it’s monitoring marine traffic, mitigating unauthorized incursions, or ensuring the safety of coastal regions, our UAV technology provides an invaluable resource for comprehensive coastal management.

Border control

Wildfire management

Wildfire management

The Eagle-1 UAS is a versatile tool that excels in search and rescue operations and emergency situations. It can swiftly deliver necessary items and medical supplies to those in need. Equipped with the advanced NEO 2Axis or 3Axis EO/IR camera system, it operates effortlessly even in nocturnal conditions. In firefighting situations, it can pinpoint active fire zones, supply precise data, and highlight heat-intensive areas in the midst of forest fires. The Eagle-1 UAS enhances operational accuracy and improves response times, making it an indispensable asset for emergency services.

Wildlife monitoring

Our Eagle-1 UAV is an invaluable tool for broad-scale surveillance, capable of yielding GPS location insights and data that aids in wildlife observation. Its low noise emission ensures minimal disturbance to the animals, facilitating seamless and eco-friendly monitoring operations.

Wildlife monitoring

Plant Inspections

Enhancing Gas, Oil, and Nuclear Plant Inspections

The Eagle-1 UAV revolutionizes inspection practices in the gas, oil, and nuclear industries, setting new benchmarks for excellence. It serves as an indispensable tool for upholding pipeline integrity, swiftly detecting potential leaks, spills, and ensuring the smooth operation of critical infrastructure. With its comprehensive capabilities, the Eagle-1 UAV presents a holistic solution for enhancing safety and efficiency in these vital sectors

Cargo delivery

Leveraging its remarkable versatility, the Eagle-1 UAS offers exceptional cargo transportation capabilities, making it an invaluable asset across diverse mission scenarios. With a remarkable capacity to transport various types of cargo weighing up to 10 kg, the Eagle-1 unmanned aerial vehicle empowers you to deliver actual payloads during your operations effortlessly.

Cargo Delivery

Aerial Imaging

Aerial Geodetic Imaging

Our cutting-edge technology excels in geodetic aerial photography, capturing high-resolution imagery with utmost precision. Utilize our advanced systems to accurately document landscapes, terrain, and geographical features from an aerial perspective. With our geodetic aerial imaging solutions, you gain unparalleled insights for mapping, surveying, and scientific applications

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