The Eagle-1 UAS offers a wide range of applications in military operations, including surveillance, reconnaissance, target tracking, base perimeter monitoring, and delivering essential supplies to hard-to-reach zones. At SkyPro UAV, we have developed the Eagle-1 drone to excel in various military missions.

Curious about how it works? Our UAV is designed with versatile modular capabilities, allowing for cargo delivery using fuselage and underwing containers. In VTOL configuration, the Eagle-1 UAV can perform vertical landings for load/unload operations and subsequent takeoffs in any environment. Its precise hovering capability enables accurate cargo drops on target.

Our systems are ideal for intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions. UAVs offer the advantage of flexible positioning near potential targets, while their compact size makes them difficult to detect. With an endurance of up to 10 hours, the Eagle-1 UAV ensures extended surveillance operations. Real-time situational awareness provides crucial information on enemy positions, weather conditions, terrain features, and other variables, enabling informed decision-making.

In battle scenarios, precise artillery fire can make a decisive impact. Recognizing this, we equipped the Eagle-1 UAS with artillery spotting capabilities. This feature allows for the coordination of artillery fire by providing target corrections, ensuring accurate hits on objects that may not be visible from firing positions.

The Eagle series drones have been successfully integrated into all branches of the Ukrainian military. Trusted and relied upon by the Ukrainian army, they have demonstrated exceptional reliability and performance in various combat situations in the East of Ukraine.

Experience the unparalleled capabilities of the Eagle-1 UAS, empowering military forces with a reliable and versatile solution for critical missions. Trust in SkyPro UAV to deliver cutting-edge technology that enhances operational effectiveness and ensures mission success.