The Eagle UAS revolutionizes the efficiency and safety of pipeline inspections. With its advanced capabilities, our unmanned aerial system ensures fast, cost-effective, and reliable inspections, minimizing the need for expensive manned aerial vehicles.

Equipped with high-quality electro-optical and infrared sensors from the Eye EO/IR camera system, the Eagle UAS offers round-the-clock detection of pipeline leaks. Our solution empowers operators to identify and address potential issues swiftly, ensuring the integrity and smooth operation of pipelines.

In addition to leak detection, our versatile UAV can locate erosions, cracks, and corrosion on pipes, buildings, tanks, and other infrastructure. It also excels in identifying electrical malfunctions in power lines, detecting assembly errors, and preventing outages caused by vegetation overgrowth.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the Eagle UAS in streamlining pipeline inspections. Trust in our cutting-edge technology to enhance safety, reduce costs, and ensure the optimal performance of your infrastructure.