Skypro UAV’ state-of-the-art equipment revolutionizes border surveillance, enabling the detection, tracking, and recognition of illegal activities, infiltrations, and unauthorized trespassers. From combating smugglers and terrorists to addressing illegal immigration and hostile forces, our solutions provide robust protection.

The Eagle-1 unmanned aerial systems have emerged as indispensable tools for border patrol agencies across the globe. With extended endurance capabilities of up to 10 hours, they offer uninterrupted surveillance, even in remote and inaccessible regions. Their ease of deployment further enhances their appeal, ensuring efficient border control operations.

Equipped with the Eye EO/IR camera system, our Eagle-1 surveillance drones boast high-quality electro-optical and infrared sensors. These advanced features, including moving object tracking, digital video stabilization, and picture-in-picture mode, facilitate round-the-clock monitoring of border areas.

Our UAV tracking antenna system ensures stable and reliable communication with the Eagle-1 long-range drone, spanning distances of up to 220 km. This unrivaled connectivity makes our UAS the ideal solution for comprehensive border control. With the largest payload compartment in its class and a robust 500 W generator, the Eagle-1 offers unmatched flexibility for integrating diverse payloads.

Experience the power of our border surveillance solutions, empowering you with advanced technology to safeguard and protect your borders effectively. Trust Skypro UAV to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your unique border control requirements.