The Story


The SkyPro UAV is a High-Tech company who offer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions; Our UAVs are widely used in Surveillance missions and Intelligence gathering information as well.


The SkyPro team has over 30 combined years of experience in UAV aircraft design, construction and flight operation. We have designed and produced large aircraft from scratch in many shapes and sizes using both gasoline and electric propulsion, and we have started surveillance since 12 years by building advanced cameras and gimbals. 


12 years ago, we have been approached to design UAVs. The first one was a small effective electric UAV with an endurance of 40 minutes with a fixed 12mm camera. After that, we worked for 2 years to have our successful electric powered UAV- the V200 - with an exceptional endurance up to 2.5 - 3 hours, and excellent day and night payloads. We have equipped the V200 with the latest technology to go beyond the limits.


As it is always known - a fuselage is just a fuselage, not a UAV. There are a multitude of parts that have to be extremely carefully selected and we have extensively tested hundreds of items and parts in all weather conditions and sometimes we do the same severe test again and again to make sure the item will not fail us under any conditions to ensure that the aircraft can safely fly for hours, transmit video and data up to 20km with the basic tracker and up to 50 with the Auto tracker and larger antenna,.and return safely, and do this over and over again. It took over 12 years of build experience for us to make it all work flawlessly.


Those relentless tests gave us the vast experience necessary to be experts and successful in UAVs. The SkyPro team has also 20 years of experience in communications and 12 years in UAV avionics.


With our successful retractable gimbaled payload, 360 degree continuous pan, +10 to -90 degrees tilt, with our Mono Gimbal 27X/30X and Duo Gimbal 10X continuous optical zoom day camera & thermal camera 25mm lens and with our exceptional time endurance including the advanced target tracking, our UAV is now compared to well-know UAVs but at a fraction of their cost.

Dubai- UAE
Aramex Building ,184 Airport Road, Umm Ramool

Address Line2: B.e.Y. 40624